St. Scholastica (480-542?)

St. ScholasticaSt Scholastica and her  twin brother Benedict were born in 480 of wealthy parents.  Scholastica and Benedict were brought up together and shared like interests and goals. Benedict eventually left central Italy for Rome to continue his studies.  Later, she founded a religious community for women five miles from where her brother governed a monastery. The twins visited each other once a year in a farmhouse because Scholastica was not permitted inside the monastery. They spent these times discussing spiritual matters.their spiritual lives.

It has been recorded the brother and sister spent their last day together in prayer and conversation. Scholastica knew her death was close and asked Benedict to stay with her overnight. He had a rule the monks could not spend the night outside and refused her request because he would break his own rule. Scholastica asked God to find a way her brother could stay. A thunderstorm broke out and it was a five-mile walk, so Benedict remained.

Benedict cried out, “God forgive you sister, What have you done?”

Scholastica replied, “I asked a favor of you and you refused. I asked it of God and he granted it.”

Comment:  This is the kind of relationship we should want with God. We should lean on Him in good times and bad. He is always there to help us. God will answer with what He believes is best for us, just like our earthly parents.


God’s Gift to Us


MC900444830Do you  realize that God’s call to have a  special relationship with us is possible. You are good enough and holy enough for God to love us in this personal way. Scriptures remind us over and over again that God’s love is not earned: it is a gift. Talk to God today and tell him your worries, dreams, give him your love today.