National Stress Awareness Day

 forgivenessDo you get up early or rushed mornings? Are you being hurried in the morning?

One way to handle this is to get up as soon as you’re called. Don’t lay there thinking, I’ll lay her just one more minute. You’ll doze off again and one minute will turn into fifteen. You’ll feel rushed, angry, and tired all day.

 Do you dislike new situations?

I know I do. I feel uncomfortable and I find it hard to talk to people. This is natural, but take the time today, if you’re  in an uncomfortable situation,  talk to at least one new person.

 Do you feel like your parents or teachers expect too much.

Talk to them and tell them how you feel. Maybe you need to cut down on outside activities during the school year. Tell people how your feel.

Sometimes difficulties with peer friendships can cause you  stress.

Again, talk to them. Find an answer to whatever is. Talking to others isn’t always easy, but it’s important.

Do fights or disagreements with brothers and/or sisters cause you stress.

If your brothers  or sisters are younger, they might just want your attention. Play with them a little while. Kids get bored quick. They’ll find something else to do and you can do what you want.

 Find out what bothers or stresses you  and find a solution. You’ll feel a lot better.