Christ Within You

christ withinGod will put someone in your path today who doesn’t necessarily need you…but who desperately needs Christ in you.

 I love this picture by This picture displays  so much without words. I am fascinated by the image and will remember Jesus looking out through that eye. It would be amazing, if people could see God looking out through another’s soul. Wouldn’t you love to see God looking at you through someone else’s eyes. That’s why need to let Jesus reflect through our eyes and spirit. It is important when someone needs company. He is looking into that person’s soul for what they need from you at that moment. He will read their heart and guide our path.

 Whether your friends tell you or not, if God’s spirit is in your life, that’s why they looked for you. They experience your kindness and your God difference is felt by them. When they’re feeling down, they seek you out your calming spirit. Most times, we only need to spend time with them.

God continue to put people in our path at a moments notice. We are your vessels to feel Your love through. Jesus help us be a vessel to Your spirit