Today The Swallows Return to Capistrano

swallowsThe legend of the swallows began when a local innkeeper destroyed their nests as an attempt to drive the birds away. He found the birds a nuisance. One of the mission fathers called the swallows to the mission. He gave them shelter and the swallows have returned every year.

Each year the swallows return to the Mission San Juan Capistrano, California. The Swallows might start returning today, but they return all through the month of March. It’s sad because of the growth of Capistrano, fewer and fewer have been returning each year. The large number of tourists blamed for their decrease, too.

The swallows returning to Capistrano would be an amazing site. I am always amazed, when I’m able to watch sparrows, starlings, and other varieties of birds gathering together in the spring and summer evenings. Thousands of birds form their own group and swirl around in the air until everyone join together.

Our town has a large population of crows and are they noisy at dawn and dusk. As noisy as they are, I’m excited each time. Their aerial displays  can go on for an hour or more. If you can’t make it to San Juan, Capistrano for a vacation, step outside and enjoy the return of the roosting birds each evening. They’re not swallows, but they are amazing creatures.