God’s Name is Sacred

God's name2To use the name of God is a solemn thing, not to be taken lightly. To invoke the name in a curse against the innocent is to call him who is Justice to be unjust and him who is Life to be death. Scripture is adamant that to do this is an extremely dangerous violation of the covenant. Salt and Light

God has many names. He’s called Jesus, Jehovah, El Shaddaih, and Yahweh. No matter what He’s called, we need to use His name with respect. I’m sure you’ve heard God’s name used as a curse word? Why would someone dishonor Jesus’ name. To us God’s or Jesus’ name in anger is childish. I guess it’s supposed to scare us or show how angry a person is, but we all know it’s wrong. It is one of God’s commandments..

I stop listening to what people are saying, when they are so disrespectful. We all need to stop and think, when we’re angry. It sounds silly, but say a small prayer instead. (God help me.) Those few seconds will give us time to cool down.  He would have respect for us, if we call on him.  We need to find other ways to handle our anger. Let your friends know you don’t appreciate it, when they curse using God’s name. God doesn’t like being the vessel for our anger.

Lord remind us to choose our words wisely. Remind us to be reverent to You and to your Father.