Sts. Perpetua and Felicity

St Felicity2Perpetua a beautiful, well-educated, a noblewoman of Carthage in North Africa. Her father was a pagan, (he had no religion) while her mother was a Christian. Petpetua’s father loved her, but he knew she could be put to death for her beliefs. He begged her to give up her Christianity.Comparing herself to a teapot, she asked if the teapot could be called anything else. Her father answered no and she replied it was the same with her. She was a Christian and could not be called by any other name. Perpetua, comforted her father in his grief over her unwillingness to give up  her Christianity. She told him it was her belief that whatever happened was God’s choosing. She didn’t depend on her own power, but on the power of God.

Perpetua and Felicity (a slave woman and mother to be) and some other friends were threatened with death by the authorities, if they didn’t give up their Christian beliefs. The women didn’t. Perpetua was 22, when she and her friends were imprisoned. They were all sent to the amphitheater, where all the public games were played. The day before the games Felicity gave birth to her baby girl. The women were either put in the arena with the lions or publicly executed.