Blessed Sebastian of Aparicio (1502-1600)

blessed-sebastian-of-aparicio-01Sebastian’s parents were Spanish peasants. At the age of 31 he sailed to Mexico and worked in the fields. He eventually turned to building roads to help farm trading and other businesses. He built a 466-mile road from Mexico City to Zacatecas. It took 10 years to build and required careful dealings with the local people along the way.

In time Sebastian became a wealthy farmer and rancher. At the age of 60 decided to marry and provide a respectable life for a girl without a dowry (a payment made to the future husband). After his first wife died, he married again for the same reason. She also died young.

At 72, after his second wife’s death, Sebastian distributed his belongings among the poor. He entered the Franciscan Order, as a brother. Sebastian was assigned to a community at Puebla de los Angeles south of Mexico City. He spent the next 25 years collecting alms (donations) for the friars. His kindness and charity earned him the nickname “Angel of Mexico.”

Sebastian continued to bridge-build throughout his life by helping men and women find their God-given worth and purpose in life. Sebastian is known as a patron of travelers.