From Nobleman to Noble Man

 saint-luke-resizedLuke Belludi was born a nobleman. In 1220 he met St. Anthony, while the Franciscan was preaching the people of Padua. Luke Belludi, humbly asked to join the followers of St. Francis. Anthony personally recommended him to the friars, who then received him into the Franciscan Order.

Luke was only 20, when he became Anthony’s companion. In their travels and preaching, Luke took care of Anthony and continued to do so until his last days. Luke took Anthony’s place as head guardian after Anthony’s death.

In 1239 enemies overtook the town and put to death the mayor and council. They closed down university of Padua  and Luke was cast from the city. Under cover of night, Luke returned. He and the new guardian visited the tomb of  St. Anthony in the unfinished shrine to pray for his help. One night, Luke heard a voice from the tomb telling  them that the city would be delivered from their enemies.

After  Luke’s message from the tomb came true, he was elected provincial minister. He completed the great basilica in honor of Anthony, his teacher and friend. He founded many Franciscan convents. Luke  also had the gift of miracles, like his friend Anthony.  He truly became a noble man. Upon his death he was laid to rest in the basilica that he had helped finish. People continue to visit and pray up to the present time.

Like Anthony, we need someone to offer support and help through our life and spiritual journeys. Luke did this by a life of serving others. We can carry on Luke’s mission and help others through their journeys.