Mardi Gras Day (Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday)

mardi grasI’m writing this on Monday because I want you to have time to plan a special celebration with your parents  for tomorrow because it’s Fat Tuesday. For your dinner, or for later, each of you should choose your favorite food and have a party.

In Mid evil times, Christians needed to use up their eggs, butter, and milk because they were forbidden during Lent. They used up their dairy products by making pancakes, crepes, and pastries.

We’ve continued to follow that tradition and use Mardi Gras Day or Fat Tuesday as our last chance to party hearty before Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday starts Lent which is a season of penance for Christians. We usually fast or give up a favorite food, during lent. Fat Tuesday gives us one last day of feasting. Pig out on your favorites before lent starts. Celebrate Tuesday night and prepare for Lent and Easter.