Servant of God Brother Juniper (d. 1258)

imagesCan you give to others and not expect in return? Brother Juniper did that and more. He joined the friars in 1210. Not much is known about the monk, except he had a compulsion to give to the needy. Devoted to Jesus, he tried to emulate his kindness.

Brother Juniper gave so much, he was ordered to quit giving. He gave his clothing to the needy he met on the road. He wanted to obey his superiors orders, so he found a way around the problem. One day he met a man who  needed a tunic. He told the man he couldn’t give his tunic to him, but he wouldn’t stop him from taking it.

We should take a lesson from Brother Juniper. Giving was a way of life for him. His superior wished he had a forest of Junipers. Many people now days take all they want and want more. We can start today by sharing our over-abundance with the needy. Recently families were flooded out, burned out and blown out of their homes. We all have more than we need. Help your parents and others by cleaning your room of unneeded toys, clothes and other items you no longer need. Give them to the rescue center, salvation army, or another worthy cause.  Be a saint and give.