National Peanut Butter and Compliment Day

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Today is  National peanut butter day. If you’re not allergic, take a fluffer-nutter sandwich to school. Don’t share, in case someone else is allergic. Make or buy some peanut butter fudge, cookies, or taffy  to share while you’re watching television tonight. It’s a silly day, but on these very cold winter nights, we can snuggle and make memories with our family. Happy peanut butter day.

Today is also Compliment Day. We might receive compliments, but today is the day to give them. During your day, find any reason you can to compliment someone. Don’t be fake. The compliment can be a small as, “I like the color of your shirt, or Wow, you did that math problem great, or Dinner was great, Mom!” You may be surprised to see how many compliments you get back. If you don’t, that doesn’t matter. You have made the world a better place to live today. Now try to make this part of your daily routine. You might be surprised to see how much your life and mood improves.


St. Francis de Sales-The Gentle Saint (1567-1622)

St. Francis de SalesSt. Francis is known as the “Gentle Saint,” even though it took him 20 years to conquer his temper.  No one ever suspected he had a temper because  good-natured kindness was his usual manner of acting.

St. Francis’ father wanted him to become a lawyer, so Francis could take his place as senator. Francis went away to study law, got his doctorate and returned home. Francis, however, wanted to become a priest. At first his father opposed the decision. After a lot of gentle persuasion, his father allowed Francis’ decision. Francis was ordained and elected provost of Geneva.

Francis preached and wrote and  distributed  little pamphlets he wrote to explaining  Catholic doctrine. Francis’ gentle character was a great asset in winning souls. He wrote many books including the Introduction to the Devout Life and A Treatise on the Love of God besides pamphlets and a lot of letters. His gentle way of writing,  lay people know that they too are called to be saints.

Lord we aren’t saints and  aren’t perfect. Help us to  work hard at being good. Help us to become saints by following Jesus, looking for the goodness in others and treating people kindly.