St. Paul the Hermit (c. 233-345)

Saint Paul of Thebes lived a life of solitude and penance became an inspiration to the monasteries during its early years. St. Paul survived in the desert by drinking from a stream near his cave and eating and clothing himself from a fruit tree. He lived in close communion with God. Most of Paul’s 113 years were spent in solitary devotion.

With all our busyness, do we know how to be alone with God. We don’t have to move to a desert cave to find it. We only need to put down the electronic devices and pick up a bible, listen to some spiritual music, or just talk to God. St. Paul lived most of his live doing this and he lived a long time. 


National Hat Day

silly hats

National Hat Day is a fun excuse to wear a hat that makes statement, whether it be silly or gorgeous. Now days, even adults only wear hats that serve a purpose. Sometimes people still wear fancy hats to church on Sunday. We wear hats when it is cold outside, or block the sun in the summertime, or to a sporting event to support our team. But many of us don’t really get a chance to wear a real hat person’s hat.

If you’ve been yearning for an excuse to wear an awesome hat, this is day to do it. National Hat Day gives the you an opportunity to sport a hat. I recommend that you make it a great one! Just don’t wear it to class. Here’s a website that will show you how to make a hat.

You can find other websites for making your own wacky hats and seriously beautiful hats. It’s even better if you can think up your own great hat that will get you noticed on National Hat Day.