National Pharmacist Day



National Pharmacist Day recognizes the pharmacists’ important role in medical care. Our doctors give us the prescription for our sickness, but the pharmacist give us the medicine to make us better. A Pharmacist must have the understanding of all medicines. They can inform us of a drugs’ side effects, and all aspects of prescription medicine. Because many people take a number of drugs, it’s important to us that they understand and recognize the inter-action of drugs together. National Pharmacist Day recognizes this important role.

Some people have to take many medications and rely on the pharmacists knowledge. Visit your pharmacy today, make sure to wish your pharmacist a good day. Gifts and cards are not required, but a smile and a compliment would be nice.


God’s Gift to Us


MC900444830Do you  realize that God’s call to have a  special relationship with us is possible. You are good enough and holy enough for God to love us in this personal way. Scriptures remind us over and over again that God’s love is not earned: it is a gift. Talk to God today and tell him your worries, dreams, give him your love today.