St. Gregory of Nyssa

2213825544_19d72cd653_t                 A Family of Saints

St. Gregory of Nyssa lived around 330-395 A.D. He was born in Cappadocia, Asia Minor.  His parents were St.Basil and Emmilia. However, Gregory was raised by his older brother, St. Basil the Great, and his sister, Macrina, in Turkey. Gregory was an excellent student was expected to succeed in great things. He became a professor of public speaking. Eventually, Gregory was persuaded by his brother Basil and his friend, St. Gregory of Nazianzen to become a priest and to devote his learning and energy to the Church. Gregory went on to study for the priesthood, became ordained and married. Married priests were allowed during this time in history. 

In 372 A.D. Gregory was chosen to be Bishop of Nyssa. This helped Basil’s effort to develop supporters in the struggle against the Arian heresy. The Arians were denying that Christ was God. Gregory and Basil defended the Faith against the attacks of the Arians. Even Saints have troubles. He was falsely arrested for embezzling Church funds. St. Gregory was removed as leader because of the false claims made by the heretics. His position as bishop was finally restored in 378. 

St. Basil died in 379 A.D. and after the death of his brother Gregory gained a reputation as a defender of the teachings of the church. St. Gregory of Nyssa is as one of the great contributors to spiritual tradition and Christian spirituality. Gregory became the leading theologian in the East.  St. Gregory was a philosopher, theologian and a mystic. His fine reputation stayed with him for the remainder of his life.