House plant Appreciation Day


Today is House plant Appreciation Day. The holidays are over and  your parents put the decorations away for another year. Usually the plants are back in the window replacing  the tree to brightens up the emptiness of the room. The poor plants get neglected during the festive season. I know My husband catches me apologizing to them for being so forgetful.

Do you appreciate how special and important they are. They can be healing and lift your mood and outlook. They add warmth and a calming effect to a room. I’m not much of  a gardener, but they help me to look forward to spring. It seems so far away, right now with the snow swirling outside.Watching something grow is exciting.

Growing house plants can be easy and rewarding. They only need  sunlight, water, and a little love.. I tend to forget the water. I find them gasping for air some days. They really do deserve  a special day.

Today’s flower is the African Violet.

There are lots of ways to celebrate and enjoy this day. They include:

  • Ask your parents if you can water the plants. Ask your parents to show you how. Give the plants a special treat today… a little fertilizer.
  • Buy a new house plant (or two) today. Buy an African Violet. It’s the plant of the day.
  • Find out how plants are good for your health.
  • Breath in the air the plant gives off. We are all part of the circle of life.
  • Talk to your plants. I do. They seen to grow better.
  • Start some plants for porch boxes. Spring will be here soon and your parents won’t have to buy plants.