12 Rules for Walking to and From School

September is here and school has started. Here are a few safety tips for you boys and girls, who have to walk to school and home again. Parents use these rules as a guideline to discuss walking safety with your children.

•Always walk with a group of friends.

•Walk on the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk, face the traffic so that you can see the cars coming and they can see you. Stay away from the street.

•Cross at crosswalks. Wait for the crossing guard to tell you that it is okay to cross.

•If there’s no crossing guard or light, stop at the curb look left, then right, and then left again before you cross. Never walk between cars.

•Never go off with a stranger.

•Say “No!” if you’re offered a ride. Don’t go near the car.

•If someone is following you, run away and yell for help.

•If a car seems to be following you, turn and walk in the other direction.

•Don’t wear clothes with your name on them. A stranger will read it and use it to talk with you.

•Never accept anything from a stranger.

•If a stranger asks you a question, run away. Don’t worry about being rude, be safe.

•When you get home call your mother, father, or other trusted adult. Let them know you are home. Lock the door, don’t open it for strangers, and don’t tell anyone that you are home alone.