A Shared Trust

      “Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful.”  1Corinthians 4:2   NIV 

Do you sometimes feel that you aren’t as important as others? I do. Even while I’m praying, I feel that whatever I have to say isn’t as important as someone else’s need. However, if God has put the words in my heart and mind, He trusts me to ask for wisdom and guidance.                                                                        

When we pray and ask for guidance, God  makes our life as important as He needs. When we are faithful to what God requires of us, He helps our lives to be vessels that renew the hearts of other people. 

Our life experiences are used by God to help us relate to others. When this happens, we prove ourselves faithful. The greatest requirement we have is to trust God to show His love through our lives. God patiently waits for the proof that we are faithful to His trust in us. 


Help us to open our hearts and be faithful to You. Help others to experience Your love through our lives.  Thank You for Your trust in us.