God’s Grace


   God set me from the time I was born and called me through his grace. Galatians 1:15

God set me apart from the time I was born and He wanted me. Those words make me feel welcomed and loved. God chose me and called me through His grace. He knew my potential. He waited for me to make the right choices.

As earthly parents, we do the same. We set our children apart from the time they are born. We want only wonderful things for them. Could God want any less? Because He called us, God has only wonderful plans for us. God put the desire to write in our hearts. He wants us to succeed. We should announce his goodness and love with our talents.

Through whatever we write, we need to keep in mind that we are touching another human being. Whether it’s a child, another writer, a parent or a grieving soul, they need to be touched with gentle words. God welcomed us and our talents will welcome others, if we make right choices.

Lord, Help us use our talents to call others into your family. Let them feel your love and kindness through our writing.

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