Emeline Pigott/Spy&Nurse


Emeline Pigott gathered information for the Confederates by entertaining Union soldiers. Fishermen gathered information about Union boats’ cargoes and destinations for Emeline, while selling the Yankees fish. They gave the information to Pigott. She hid the information in hidden pockets under her hoop skirt. She sometimes carried 30 pounds of hidden goods. After the 26th North Carolina left for Virginia, Emeline cared for the wounded in New Bern, North Carolina. In 1862 she was on the last train out with wounded. Pigott came under suspicion in early 1865; she was arrested and sent to jail. While waiting to be searched, Emeline ate some incriminating information, shredded some of the mail, but her secret stash was found beneath her skirt, and she was held in New Bern. She faced the death penalty, she was released without explanation. Emeline Pigott recounted her Civil War adventures, but never revealed how she came to be released from prison.