Jennie Hodgers /Albert Cashier

I wrote a paper on Jennie Hodgers in college. This was my first knowledge of these brave women. Jennie was born in Ireland, in 1844. At sixteen, she dressed as a man, stowed away on a ship and settled in Belvidere, Illinois.

The Civil War raged in July of 1862. President Lincoln needed an extra 300,000 soldiers. Jennie Hodgers enlisted as Albert D. J. Cashier. She became infantryman in the 95th Illinois Infantry Regiment. All Jennie had to do is mark an “X” on the enlistment papers. They checked her eyes and ears and she was enlisted. Jennie Hodgers was now Albert Cashier. Albert would march long distances, fight in forty battles, and was extremely brave..

Albert was mustered out of the Union Army on August 17, 1865. She served three years and 11 days. Albert did many different jobs during the rest of his life. He voted in elections. When he applied for a pension, the truth became known.

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