Inspiring Individuals

I couldn’t find a woman whose name began with I and was a spy. I will give some I words that sum up my feelings about the many women who served during the Civil War.

1.Inspiring – Each  one of these women inspired me. They didn’t wait for permission to do what they felt in their heart. They just went out and did it.

2. Individuals-From stubborn northern women to demure southern women, they traded in their petticoats, families, and lives to follow their beliefs.

3. interchangeable-Most of these women wore different hats. Some were spies/actresses, spies/nurses, or spies/authors. There were many other combinations for their lives. They were remarkable  soldiers, wives, spies, teachers, actresses, and confidants.

4 thoughts on “Inspiring Individuals

  1. Hello, Marge! Spies in history are fascinating. Especially the women spies a long time ago because you just wouldn’t expect it!

    Have a wonderful week and happy A to Z!!

  2. This is so interesting and exciting for me to discover! I knew there were women who were soldiers(it’s not unknown,no matter how many politicians pretend it’s never happened before,or not happening now for that matter)but didn’t know much about any of them in particular.
    I agree that these women are inspiring-and people should know who they were. Our daughters especially should know these women existed.
    Thank you for posting about these brave and wonderful women!

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